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Actors are overall taught to never look directly at the camera in order to maintain the illusion of the fourth wall, however; when this technique is purposely used, a deeper connection is formed between the audience and the film. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Film Credits in Order of Appearance: Vanilla Sky (2001, dir. Cameron Crowe) Witness (1985, dir. Peter Weir) Boogie Nights (1997, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (1998, dir. Terry Gilliam) Amélie (2001, dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet) The Truman Show (1998, dir. Peter Weir) Get Out (2017, dir. Jordan Peele) Die Hard (1988, dir. John McTiernan) Misery (1990, dir. Rob Reiner) The Silence of the Lambs (1991, dir. Jonathan Demme) Superman (1978, dir. Richard Donner) The Artist (2011, dir. Michel Hazanavicius) A Clockwork Orange (1971, dir. Stanley Kubrick) Married to the Mob (1988, dir. Jonathan Demme) The Ides of March (2011, dir. George Clooney) Nights of Cabiria (1957, dir. Federico Fellini) Moonlight (2016, dir. Barry Jenkins) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010, dir. Edgar Wright) Black Swan (2010, dir. Darren Aronofsky) Trading Places (1983, dir. John Landis) Titanic (1997, dir. James Cameron) Super (2010, dir. James Gunn) Home Alone (1990, dir. Chris Columbus) The NeverEnding Story (1984, dir. Wolfgang Peterson) I, Tonya (2017, dir. Craig Gillespie) Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003, dir. Quentin Tarantino) Robocop (1997, dir. Paul Verhoeven) Saturday Night Fever (1977, dir. John Badham) Funny Games (1997, dir. Michael Haneke) Music Credits: Song: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Originally Written By: Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio Originally Performed By: Frankie Valli Guitar Cover by: AcoustiClub (free to use with credit) Link to AcoustiClub Channel: Piano Cover by: Evelyn Vo Produced by: Evelyn Vo Song Cover and Video FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY