Video Games   SUBMIT

**My First Solo Win** It was a nice and sunny morning. My older brothers and their friends left to go to Six Flags. I am really bored so I turn on my xbox. My friend Makai is on, so I send him a party invite. We both say hi. I ask him, “Do you want to try and get in the same game?” Makai replied, “ Sure.” We then switched our servers to Oceania because the servers are easy to get in with a friend. “3,2,1 press!” We both press ready. I wait until the server loads in. I ask, “Do you have 98 people?” He replies, “Yes. Does your battle bus go from Junk Junction, to Lucky Landing?” “Yep we are definitely in the same game.” We then try and decide where to go. It was a choice between Haunted Hills, Snobby Shores, or Shifty Shafts. I need to finish one more challenge to get a special skin called, “Blockbuster.” I need to go Shifty Shafts and get one more kill to finish. I ask, “ Can we go to Shifty Shafts? I need to finish one more challenge and then I can get Blockbuster.” “Sure, that’s fine. I was just about to ask you,” Makai replied. We both jump off of the battle bus and skydive to Shifty Shafts. Through my mic I can hear the sound of the wind passing by me when I am in the air. Makai and I both land and we loot Shifty Shafts. I tell Makai, “ So, the challenge for Blockbuster I have to do is to eliminate 1 player.” “Okay that’s fine, but after this game, I have to do my challenge.” We both agree. I then come from behind and I eliminate Makai. I have to move to the circle. On my to the circle, I eliminated enemies from Shifty Shafts. Unfortunately, the circle is all the way in Dusty Divot. I’m at 4 kills and I have a pretty good setup. I decide to keep it safe, so I decide to make a tower with a trap on top incase of someone trying to attack. Many people have been dying. One by one the player amount was getting lower. There is now 5 people left. Down below I see a fight. They seem to be in a build battle. I have a rocket launcher with me so I shoot it down. They fall down and die. I am now at 6 kills and there is 3 people left. I have to run to the circle again and get out of my tower. I build a staircase downwards for I don’t die of fall damage. I safely run to the circle. Once I’m in the safe zone, I see a guy coming out. “Do you think I might win?” I ask Makai. “Maybe, you have a really good loadout and circle advantage.” Since this guy must be low on health. I start spraying my assault rifle at him. “He has to be one shot!” i said. My patients is low so I push him with my rocket launcher and pump shotgun . He hits me with a sniper. I got so mad, I only had medkids but no shields. So I’m mad headshot him with a pump shotgun. I build a one by one for me to heal up. It is now a 1 versus 1. I found the other person,and push him. We engage into a build battle. We built so high it was like I can see the my house from space. All of a sudden, he shoots my ramp and I fall. “Welp, I lost Makai.” I said sadly. “Wow, that’s how you die,” Makai replied. But then I take my pump shotgun out and I hit the most lucky shot. I headshot the last guy! I won! This is was my first solo win. I have got wins before, but never a solo win. After the win, I turned off my Xbox and was so happy like I won the Super Bowl.