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Since it's quarantine and my lil bro cannot play with his rl friends anymore... He just asked me in aaaaa very cute and innocent way that he wanted playmates sa fortnite :((( so like skcmosmckss ofc I'd ask my friends first but sadly I don't have many friends so... I'll just go ask strangers huhuhu First of all he doesn't have the mic on during gameplay so hindi kayo maiingayan sakanya heheheh, he could turn it on tho and mind you superrr cute ng konyo kiddo voice nya huhuhu but yeah Hoping to find him some friends to play with :( People who has patience over his noobness HAHAHAHA but yeah swear he's better than me xD -Please don't cuss to much or such :( he knows offensive languages but i hope he doesn't learn how to use em offensively :< -If you have another kiddo who plays fortnite, maybe we can introduce em tno each other via the game hehehe, that would be great :) -He is a good kid I swearr and I'm sorry cuz he can be a bit stubborn sometimes hehehe -Hope you have fun with him around :< no need to always play with him but like.. he just really likes it pag may naiinvite sya sa online games hehehe -ABSOLUTE NO TO SKETCHY PEOPLE :(( please. THANK YOUUUU XD Pm me nalang for umm username and stuff hehehe meow EDIT: TO THE KUYA/ATE WHO GAVE HIS/HER ACCOUNT IN THE COMMENTS, IM SO SORRY I WAS PREOCCUPIED THIS AFTERNOON DI KITA NA ADD THEN NADELETE KANA NG ACC HUHUHU IM REALLY SORRY :(