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I tried reporting in trello and through game but could not figure it out. So I am reporting here. I am a competitive player so I have been playing lots of scrims and since the FNCS warmup I have been continuously lagging out of games. It feels like every day I lag out of more games. I have not been playing any pubs and very few arena. Mostly scrims and I have lagged out of many of them and I also lagged out of fncs warm up games. When I lag out it says it’s a network problem but it’s defiantly not seeing that I remain able to talk in game chat and get sent back to the lobby but am still connected to Fortnite. I believe this is happening mainly to Xbox players but it could be everyone. Seeing that fncs starts in several days I’m very worried I’ll be lagging out of multiple games each session. Is there any way to fix this on my end or any plans to fix it from epics/Xbox’s end before fncs. Also side note, it’s very hard to report problems through game because I could not type my issue. As well through trello board I could not find where to report a bug.